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We want you to be completely satisfied with your investment. That is why we offer your business an opportunity to really see how the miniFactory can make the prototype or product you designed.

Contact us, and we will make a real quick model of your 3D-model, and we will deliver it to you free of charge.

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Before contacting us you should read the frequently asked questions section of our page

Training and technical support?

Read more about our training courses from the Training tab above. For the users of the miniFactory 3D printer, we provide technical support on every workday. A maintenance service agreement ensures a direct line to our maintenance department, and in case we are unable to solve the problem, we will provide a replacement machine for the duration of the maintenance!

Why choose a miniFactory 3D printer?

The miniFactory® is a pioneer in 3D extrusion technology in the Nordic countries. The miniFactory 3D printer combines the latest technology with machining-centre level mechanics. This gives exceptional printing precision for the devices, sufficient even for the most demanding users. The miniFactory 3 is the most popular 3D printer in Finland, and it can be found in more than 700 businesses and educational institutions, from listed companies to primary schools.

How does a 3D model become a real object?

The 3D printing process is very simple. The printing software will „slice“ your 3D model into thin layers, and the 3D printer will build the piece layer-by-layer. The 3D printer melts plastic in thin layers, starting from the base of the product. It melts the first layer, moves 0.2 mm upwards, and melts the second layer. This process is continued until the piece is ready.

What are the costs of 3D printing?

3D printing with the miniFactory is very affordable, because every piece is manufactured by adding materials. Therefore, hardly any material goes to waste, and the expenses are kept low. The basic materials cost 35€/kg. The weight of the printed piece is an indication of the direct cost of materials. With a single one-kilogramme roll, you can print up to 100 smart phone covers, for example.

What software is used for controlling the 3D printer?

The printing software is Repetier Host for miniFactory. With this software, you will make the 3D printer understand your 3D model with just a few clicks. The software includes optimal printing profiles for the majority of materials available. However, you can change nearly all parameters within the software, which makes it perfect for challenging teaching use.

What CAD software can I use for 3D modelling?

You can use any CAD software as long as you can save the 3D model in the .STL file format. This file format is very common, and nearly all CAD software supports it. Therefore, you can create a 3D model using professional paid software (Solid Edge, Autodesk, etc.) or freeware (Google Sketchup, Sculptris, Blender, etc.).

Which printing materials can I use in the miniFactory?

You can print with almost all thermoplastics. The material has to be available in a 1.75 mm thick ribbon, and its melting temperature must be below +300°C. There are many material options, for example biodegradable (PLA), durable (ABS), hard (T-Glase), flexible and tear-resistant (Nylon), decorative/special materials (Laywood, Laybrick, Polycarbonate, HIPS, HPDE, PVA, etc.).

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