Customer Cases

  • Tarkmet Oy offers machining and assembly services for mechanical engineering purposes, as well as full-system deliveries. With the purchase of the company MKH Press, Tarkmet Oy now also manufactures their own products, such as hydraulic presses …
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  • Located in Vaasa, Origo Engineering is an engineering firm specialised in mechanical engineering. The company provides a comprehensive service to their customers – ranging from design to prototypes as well as functional models.
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  • Researchers at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Helsinki have published the first scientific article with a miniFactory 3D printer in the leading role. Using 3D printing, the researchers developed a microreactor for studying chemical …
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  • Situated in Tornio, Lappia has been using 3D printing in the technology department for 3 years already. Contemporary technical design is moving towards digitalisation, as 3D design and modelling are becoming exponentially more common.
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  • Piako Oy is one of Finland’s major manufacturers of superstructures for cargo transport. Our main products are customized cargo bodies and pallet constructions.
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  • Lakeuden Etappi offers waste management services for the benefit of the customers and the environment in South Ostrobothnia. 3D printed containers facilitate service presentation and provision for the company.
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  • Keijom Oy is a design office specialised in hydraulic and mechanical design. The company is based in Pirkkala, but in addition to Pirkanmaa, the operation covers the entire Finland.
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  • Seita Technologies Oy provides services for electronic payment. Seitatech can also produce services for the customers to resell under their own brand. The main product is a set of centralised services for payment mediation. An employee’s …
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  • The Automation Technology Engineer’s degree includes a variety of courses; one of them is Automation Project Works, to be taken during the first year of studies. At the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, a group wanted to invest more time …
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  • Novocam Medical Innovations Oy/ Futudent is creating innovative solutions for providing dentistry education, developing communication in dental care and improving patient experience. Futudent is the trademark owned by Novocam Medical Innovations.
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  • PES-Arkkitehdit Oy is an international architectural design firm operating in Helsinki. For this company, 3D printing technology provides completely new kinds of opportunities to visualise, design and implement their projects.
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